Mike James has many years’ experience writing, adapting and directing for the stage and television.

As Artistic Director for the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff, and then the Torch Theatre (two of Wales’s leading repertory theatres) he wrote and directed dozens of plays including nine children’s musicals, as well as adapting classics such as The History of Mr Polly, Tess of the D’Urbervilles and Tom Jones for the stage.

He is also an experienced TV writer/script editor/producer for young people and has worked on Breakfast Serials, G force, My Barmy Aunt Boomerang, Bits and Bobs, Captain Abercrombie and Raven for BBC, Allsorts for Granada TV, Our House, Upstairs Downstairs Bears and Squeak! for STV and Woolamaloo! for Channel Five.

For Schools TV he has worked extensively on the Look and Read series (Wordmaster – BBC Education) and wrote and produced What’s so good About Roald Dahl? for Channel Four.

His recent work includes Waybuloo, Zingzillas,  Something Special, Gigglebiz and Old Jack’s Boat for BBC Cbeebies.

He is currently working on Series four of Gigglebiz,
 and Justin’s House for BBC.

In theatre, Mike’s musical drama, Tom – based on the early life of the singer Tom Jones – was staged at his birthplace, Pontypridd, on March 1st 2014, followed by a ten-week tour of Wales and the UK.

 A second national and international tour is planned for 2016.

In addition, Mike’s drama Somewhere in England, about the BBC’s move to Bangor, Wales, during the war is currently being produced at Clwyd Theatre Cymru in Mold.

Mike’s musical Jackie, recently premiered in Dundee, will tour venues throughout the UK in 2015.